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A Look Back at PhoneGap Tour o' Europe

TL;DR 5 days, 2 conferences, 2 meet ups, 1 workshop

Presentation slides:


DotJS was held on Dec 5th in Paris and was HUGE with a whopping 1200 attendees. We got to sponsor the grub :)

Some of our favorite talks from the day:

PhoneGap Paris meetup

It was great to see our Paris community at the PhoneGap Paris meetup. Big thanks to meetup organizer, Julien and for for hosting us (coolest office space).

Simon kicked things off with What’s new in Apache Cordova/PhoneGap and introduced the new Creative SDK PhoneGap plugins as well. We introduced all the current Creative SDK plugins (and some ready-to-use templates) in this post. Anis then presented Hybrid Android Development with PhoneGap.


DevRelCon was Dec 7th in London and some of our team attended. It was great to see all the work being done in the Dev Relations and Dev Evangelism side of the world. It was great hearing expert’s perspective on the difference between developer evangelism and developer marketing, and also how to measure developer relations’ success (hint: it’s really really hard). Talk links haven’t been posted yet, but keep an eye on the DevRelCon event site for those to be posted soon.

Ionic UK meetup

We spent the evening with our good friends at Ionic and all the great members of Ionic UK. The crowd was great and super engaged as we’re all fans of hybrid development. Big thanks to Sani Yusuf for organizing everything. Simon and Anis gave similar talks as they did for PhoneGap Paris and we heard from one of the community members during the “spotlight” section of the night. This spotlight time is when anyone from the group can demo something their working on and get feedback. Great idea for future meetups!

Women Who Code workshop

We ended the trip with the impressive Women Who Code London group. It was truly a pleasure meeting with all the diverse and talented women that are part of this organization. We spoke to students who are learning to code as a hobby and engineers at large companies. Simon walked us through a PhoneGap beginner workshop using the sample app template built by the PhoneGap team, Star Track. If you haven’t given the sample app a whirl yet, do so now! Check out Simon’s workshop here.

It was a great trip. We love meeting the PhoneGap community and hearing about all the great things you’re doing. We’ll be doing lots more events in 2017 so keep an eye on our Events page for updates. AND! We’ve announced PhoneGap Day EU 2017 happening May 18-19 in Amsterdam. Our Call for Speakers is open so if you’re interested in getting involved - submit.